Most Sellers are concerned with getting the most money for the home they sell, whether to get the most money because they need a certain amount for the next home or to have the most money to feel they negotiated the best deal.  What is the first thing they concentrate on?  Lowering the Realtor's commission.  There are places like the "P", help you sell, and others, however, the question remains...Are you netting the maximum amount of money and the answer may be no?  More times than not it is NO!  Stop going with commodities and go with quality.  Go with an agent that will get you TOP Dollar for your home, not low dollar for themselves.  On Average #Veronica Lawrence Realtor gets you Top Dollar for your home. Basically Limo versus Taxi Cab.  You Decide.  #Veronica Lawrence #Murrieta Realtor will net you more money without lowering her commissions. Call today 951 704-3092